Janhvi Kapoor talks about casual sexism in Bollywood.

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor, recently opened about facing sexual racism in Bollywood. Talking to Filmfare, she said, “A lot of times in meetings and in narrations, when we have a male co-actor present, the director or the writer while narrating the scene make more eye-contact with the guy than with you. And in my head I am like yeah maybe it’s because he has a longer role or maybe the scene is like that. But then I realized that maybe it’s just some sort of subliminal conditioning that is making them do that. Also the way we are perceived. There is a lot of attention that is paid to how we look and how we’re presented. We are very quickly judged by our appearance, what we are wearing. Even on social media sometimes when I go through the comments, the kind of comments a girl gets for wearing what she wants to wear is extreme. And the kind of comments I get for going to the gym in a certain outfit… You can’t question someone’s character based on what they are wearing, you can’t call names, pass judgments. But all that is happening.”

She added “People feel that it might be okay to say a few things that might be demeaning, everyone has an opinion on how you look. I don’t know if this would matter so much for a guy who is part of the industry, but as a woman, if you are not meeting a certain standard then everyone has the right to say something.”

On the work front, Janhvi Kapoor will be next seen in Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, which will release on Netflix. Apart from Janhvi Kapoor, the film also features Pankaj Tripathi in a key role, who plays the actress’ father in the film. The film is based on the life of Gunjan Saxena, who is the first woman IAF combat pilot, who played a very important role during the Kargil War in 1999. She was also awarded with Shaurya Chakra for her bravery.


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