“All the good roles written for old people go to Amitabh Bachchan” Sharat Saxena

Sharat Saxena is a bollywood actor known for his roles in films such as Mr. India, Baghban and Krrish. Calling Bollywood ‘a young people’s industry’ the actor recently said that all good roles written for senior actors are offered to Amitabh Bachchan, while others like him are dealt ‘scrapings’ that are left.

“The film industry is a young people’s industry, old people are not required here. Unfortunately, we are not dying away. We are still alive and we still want to work. How many roles do you think are written for old people in this industry? All the good roles written for old people go to Amitabh Bachchan. Whatever scrapings are left is dished out to people like me. And we refuse them most of the time. So the amount of work that a person like me can do is almost zero,” he was quoted saying.

Sharat added that he keeps himself in shape so that he can look younger as there is scarcity of roles for senior actors. “So at the age of 71, I work out for two hours every day so that I can beat the sh*t out of these 25-year-old guys. So that I look like a tough man. I colour my hair and moustache black. You have seen me in Sherni. I am 71 years old, but I have to make myself look 50-55. Otherwise, I’ll get no work,” he said. Adding that while he does not ‘have to work’ he is not cut out for ‘living a retired life’ and is filled with a hunger to be in front of the camera.

Earlier this week, Sharat Saxena took to Instagram to share a picture of himself all bulked up and wrote, “Still trying very hard to become someone. #bollywood #hollywood #castingdirector #castingcall #hindifilms.” He was most recently seen in Amit Masurkar’s Sherni.


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