As a celeb you can’t park in a no-parking zone: Arbaaz on social media trolls

Arbaaz Khan’s talk show called ‘Pinch’ is soon coming up with its second season. The first guest of this season will be bollywood superstar and his brother Salman Khan.

In a recent interview, Arbaaz opened about the trollers on social media and how they are not accountable for their words and opinions. He kept his views against the cancel culture and pointed that the internet has different standards of judgment for the celebrity and common man. “If you’re a celeb, and you park in a no-parking zone, the trolling that you’re going to get,” said Arbaaz.

Talking about the double standards on social media Arbaaz said, “If you’re a celeb, and you park in a no-parking zone, the trolling that you’re going to get, the repercussions you’re going to get… It’ll be like ‘how irresponsible’, ‘he’s a role model’, they’ll drop him from an ad, they’ll drop him from a movie, when actually, parking in a no-parking area is just a ₹250 fine probably. They say celebrities get away with a lot of things; social media is one place where celebrities can’t get away with anything.”

“You cannot be caught with a cigarette in your hand, you cannot be driving like this, you cannot be parking like this, you cannot be eating like this, you cannot be talking like this, you cannot have a small brawl and push somebody… It’s like, you lost your ads, you lost your movies, you lost your respectability, you lost everything. If you do that to a celeb, you also have to pull it down to the common man. A faceless guy on social media can troll you, abuse you, your family, can say whatever the hell he wants. He can talk about your personal life, your professional life, everything. But so what? He can. But you try saying it. There is a disparity here. Social media works on some strange level,” he concluded.


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