Every relevant actor tries to reinvent. And as it is my endeavour: Aparshakti Khurana

Aparshakti Khurana has essayed a number of comedy roles and is now working towards changing his image. Khurana believes that it is important for actors to keep reinventing themselves.

Sharing his belief on the topic he said, “Not just for me but every relevant actor tries to reinvent. And as it is my endeavour, that’s why I have been able to be part of some relevant projects in the last few years. I am still working towards it, learning each day and putting my best foot forward.”

Khurana feels grateful to be getting work across different genres of films now, he says that it’s exciting as an actor to be offered a variety of different roles. He revealed that his upcoming projects, include a web series, and a suspense thriller, Dhoka Round D Corner with R Madhavan.

Talking about new opportunities, the Helmet actor quotes, “I am elated about such exciting projects materializing. Getting to work with talented bunch of individuals is always an opportunity to learn. For an actor, it’s gratifying when filmmakers see you beyond a certain image and offer you roles which you haven’t done before.”

Khurana also admits that he is moving away consciously from the roles he has done past and taking up the different roles coming his way. “You have to consciously choose varied parts so people don’t put you in a box or stereotype you. Since I started doing films, it is very weird that people only saw me doing comedy. Earlier when I did theatre, people could see me only in dark characters. I am happy to say that my next two projects have me in intense and dark roles, totally different from the films and roles I have done before. Now, viewers will see the other side of me. I hope the audiences accept me in the other spaces as they did in comedy,” he concludes.


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