My character in Antim is very bound, he is very Hindustani and rugged: Salman Khan

Salman Khan has returned with another cop-movie Antim: The Final Truth. However, this time Salman’s cop is very different from his usual Chulbul Pandey vibe. While essaying the role of of Rajveer, a tough-as-nails, cool as cucumber Sardar cop, Khan shares his desire to be seen as a ‘God’.

Salman will be sharing the same platform with his brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma in Antim. His Fans will see Sallu bhai in an all-new avatar in this movie. The actor who spent a lot of time in crafting this character super optimistic about Rajveer’s success.

During a recent interview, Salman gave a few details about his film. Antim is inspired by the 2018 Marathi film, Mulshi Patter. Discussing why he started working on the film Khan said that a DOP came to them with the movie’s plot and he watched the movie that was made out of it at his farmhouse. Adding that he fell in love with the cop’s character he said, “So I thought of looking at this film from the perspective of the cop.”

“Arbaaz got to know that Mahesh Manjrekar was making a film. When I got a chance to see it, I wondered, ‘Why did they leave the cop’s character like that?’ It was about that other boy and it became an eccentric film,” Salman revealed.  The actor then wished to alter the character’s fate. He also knew that he couldn’t play this character like his previous role in Dabangg as he would be stuck in a rut otherwise.

Talking more in the praise of his character Salman added, “My character is very bound, he is very Hindustani and rugged. He doesn’t yell or shout, he is very focused on what he is doing. He will take orders and be humiliated, but he will do what he needs to do at the right time. Even if he has to sacrifice a person, he will do it for what is right”.

Salman also mentioned that the Marathi film only included four or five scenes of his character.

The actor told reporters that he was adamant to make his character look like a ‘God’. He believes that when we play a role, we need look like a God, and make the character look like God as well. Further, he stated that that Sardars’ warrior-type looks are perfect to play the part. “When you play a character, you need to look like a God and make them look like Gods, when you see a sardar, their height, their gaze, they look like gods! They look like warriors. So that is what I wanted in this film,” Salman concluded.



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