Model and style diva of fashion- Shipra Aggarwal
have stunned netizens a lot of times. Being a true
inspiration for the style struck newbies, she is not
less just to be called as diva, she is also a boss lady
who sits on the director’s seat of media company
PKG Lifestyle News and always proved herself in all
the powerful and glorious ways always and again
she has proved what a diva supposedly looks like.
Shipra Aggarwal has recently wore a very gorgeous
and beautiful outfit designed by Sam Ahuja. Shipra
looks like a nymph in white in this beautiful attire.
The tube top along with the frilled gown has
adorned her beauty in a mystical way. Her over all
look completes her and enhances the divinity around her.

In another latest shoot, Shipra wore the beautiful
bridal lehenga from CTC Emporio. This bright pink
bridal lehenga has complemented with the
beautiful makeup, while choodha and kaleere were
the icing on top. From the western look to
traditional bridal look- Shipra has proved her way to
look gorgeous in any attire. The jewellery in both
shoots are from and the makeup
has been done by the very perfect MUA
@shagunmehndiratta_ @trendzshalimarbagh .
We can not forget the cherry on top i.e., the
splendid snap shots of the splendid beauty by
We can’t say what and where to focus more the
style of Shipra the aura she has created. It was well
said that Style is a reflection of your attitude and
your personality and truly we can see the
confidence and that power in Shipra Aggarwal’s
eyes, and you too can’t deny it.


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