Limitless And Unstoppable Journey Of Saasy Shweta

Life is short and the world is wide, that’s what Saasy Shweta aka
Shweta Rajpal truly believes. She inspires people with her travel blogs
and real life travel experiences.
Saasy Shweta is a travel blogger, social media influencer and director of
Saasy Digital Media Company, with over 1 lakh 20 thousand followers
on Instagram.
She learnt never to stop and until now she has been to 25 countries
across the world. Few of famous countries that she visited are Iceland,
Vietnam, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Spain, Monaco, Scotland and
many more.
Shweta Rajpal was a lot more before she even started her blogger
journey, and that list is never ending.
Shweta had completed her schooling from Holy Child Convent school.
She is graduate in Journalism from IP University. She was a shining star
of corporate world for many years before she began her blogging
journey. She is a very popular social media figure and well known
She has made headlines for her appearances at many page 3 parties in
National Daily newspapers like Times of India, Delhi Times, Zoom Delhi,
and many more.
Since she is every brand’s favourite influencer, she has done brand
endorsements & collaborations with a lot of big companies. She has
also presented herself internationally when she appeared as a panellist
live on IBM TV which was aired across 117 countries.

Last but not the least! Shweta has been a part of various live events,
speaks on multitude of informative topics and worked as a subject
matter expert on travel & lifestyle.
As said above, the list is never ending! Saasy Shweta is a multi talented
person who learns never to limit herself. She is also an anchor/emcee
for high profile page 3 events, award functions. She even grace the
ramp when she walks in fashion shows. She is often spotted being
invited as a celebrity guest of various brands, restaurants & club
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”
~ Helen Keller
And definitely this quote was meant for Saasy Shweta aka Shweta
Rajpal who is limitless, unstoppable and a true example of women



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