11,684 new corona cases were reported in Delhi in the past 24 hours. Along with this, 38 deaths were also confirmed in one day. During it, the positivity rate was recorded at 22.47%, 5.52% less than the day before, which pushed up active cases in the capital to 78,112.

According to Tuesday’s health bulletin, in the past 24 hours, the number of recovered corona patients was 17,516. Meanwhile, 63,432 patients are being treated in home isolation.

With this, the total number of people who have defeated Corona in Delhi so far has risen to 1630644. While in this outbreak, 1734181 people have been affected by Corona.

Additionally 78, 112 cases are active in the state. Looking at the numbers, the death rate from Covid has been estimated at 1.47%.

Previously, on Monday January 17, 12,527 new cases had been detected and the positivity rate was 27.99%.

At the same time, on January 16, i.e. Sunday, 18,286 new corona cases were recorded in the nation’s capital. January 15, 20,718, January 14, 24,282, January 13, 28,867, January 12, 67,551 cases.

Since the epidemic began in Delhi, 17,34,181 cases have been reported, of which 16,30,644 people have been discharged and 25,425 people have died. There are currently 78,112 active cases in Delhi.

In accordance with all, the Delhi government has decided to deploy its senior nurses as node officers in private hospitals.

With this, the government wants to emphasize the monitoring of the treatment of patients with Covid19 and the monitoring of vaccination against Covid.


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