Sonu Sood reacts to a young fan breaking the television after seeing the actor getting hit on screen

Actor Sonu Sood recently took to his twitter account to share a news report of a child breaking a television set after he saw the actor getting hit on screen. Reacting to the report Sonu wrote, “Arrreee, don’t break your TVs, his dad is going to ask me to buy a new one now,” followed by laughing emojis.

As per the Twitter user who shared a clip, the incident took place in Telangana’s Sangareddy. The 7-year-old boy named Virat broke his TV set as he got angry after seeing Sonu Sood get hit in a movie. According to the report, the child looked up to Sonu as someone who has been helping the masses during the Covid-19 pandemic and couldn’t watch him get hit.

Sonu who mostly play villainous roles in the movies is a real life hero who is helping people during corona pandemic. The actor has been delivering oxygen cylinders, helping the needy get medical attention, as well as setting up oxygen plants.


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